How to Get Rid of Waterbug

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How to Get Rid of Waterbug? A waterbug is a common term for bugs which are similar to cockroaches, but they live in water sources. This creature is attracted to food as well as water. So, if you want to prevent them, you need to store your food and water in a close or tight place. Below are our tips for getting rid of them.


How to Get Rid of Waterbug Fast!

How to Get Rid of Waterbug
How to Get Rid of Waterbug


  1. You need to clean your area first. Look for areas in your home which has food and water that exposed to the air. If you have a pet, you need to remove your pet food. Waterbugs tend to live off of pet’s food. So, you need to organize meal time for your pet. It will help your pet to eat its food right away, and you can wash the bowl as soon as possible.
  2. Don’t place food in the open air. Instead, you can place them in airtight container or refrigerator if it’s possible.
  3. Don’t use trash can which doesn’t have tight-fitting lids. Trashcan which is open to the air can attract more bugs. It also feeds them. You need to take trash daily in order to prevent waterbug infestation.
  4. Always clean your front and backyard areas. Waterbugs tend to live in places which are rarely moved and cleaned. If you have old cardboard boxes around your home, you need to remove them immediately. It is one the places where they can hide. You need to recycle food containers and newspaper every week. Ensure that the tank has tight-fitting lids so waterbug can’t habit there.
  5. Check for every standing water in and outside your home. Glass, tarp, pet water bowl, bird bath, plant saucer, and rainwater are the potential places for them to habit and lay eggs there. If you have a water container, you need to place a tight-fitting lid over it. During the rainy season, always turn over the container, pot, and bird bath.
  6. Every week, you need to deep cleaning your kitchen. You can use disinfectant to do that. Make sure you also clean kitchen appliances such as a juicer, toaster, grill, food processor, and other where food stain may trap.


Changing Habits and Lifestyle

How to get rid of waterbug? A waterbug can stay away from your home if you change your habits and lifestyle. Below are our tips to prevent your home from them.

  1. Always vacuum your dining room regularly. This habit will help you to reduce the amount of food leftover that are available from home. At least, once per month, you need to clean carpet or rug with water and soap.
  2. You need to limit your food consumption in a single room in your home. You need to make your children stay away from eating the snack in their room or another area of your home.
  3. If there are holes in your home, make sure to fix them in order to reduce the accumulation of water.
  4. You also have to fix leaky faucet inside and out. It will be the very important thing to do. Not only waterbugs that stay there but also other creatures can live there for a long time since there is a constant water source.
  5. Seal any gap and hole in your door, window, wall, and other places. This tip can remove the waterbugs to get in and create a nest in your home.
  6. You can also place a screen on your door, window, and wall. You can open them in damp areas to get circulation. Waterbugs likes the damp area, so you need to make your home dry and well-ventilated. That’s how you are getting rid of the waterbug.

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