Kill Potato Bugs in the Garden

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Kill Potato Bugs in the Garden- There are some problems with planting vegetables and fruits. One of the biggest problems that usually found in Colorado is potato bug. This insect is a nightmare for gardener since it will damage any plants such as potatoes, eggplants, peppers, and even tomatoes. What makes it even become a big problem is this bug is resistant to chemical insecticides. So, how to get rid them off. There are still some ways to get rid them out in a natural way.


How to Get Rid Potato Bugs

Kill Potato Bugs in the Garden
Kill Potato Bugs in the Garden


When chemical cannot be used again, there are still some ways to get rid potato bug. For the first, you have to prepare some things for getting rid them out. There are neem oil, microbial solution, natural predators, liquid dish soap, and a bucket. After that, you have to verify that the pests on your garden are potato beetles. For adults’ potato beetles, they have 3/8 inch and the oval boy with black and orange-yellow striped on their shells. If you already make sure that, so you can fill the bucket with a water and liquid dish soap.

Then, how to get rid of potato bug is by picking them out one by one then drop them into the bucket filled with liquid dish soap. Don’t forget to check the underside of leaves, is there any egg cluster or not. You have to remove them out too then place it in the bucket.

This way seems time-consuming but still effective to get rid them out from your garden. On the other hand, you can also use a natural predator for your garden. Ladybugs are the natural predators who are effective to against these kinds of bugs. Spined soldier and lacewings bugs are also effective against adult potato beetles and the eggs. You can get these natural predators from well-stocked home or nursery and garden center.

To prevent the growing of this bug, then you need to get rid them from where potato bug lives. You can spray a microbial solution like Bacillus thuringiensis var.

tenebrionis. It is kind of bacterial disease which is effectively controlling populations of potato beetles. Apply this microbial solution in several weeks when the cluster of the eggs are about to hatching. This way is effective to get rid them out in a larval stage. So, there is no possibility that the bugs will grow more in your garden.

If you still find potato bug, so you can use neem oil which is a natural pesticide from neem trees. However, just use it as the last choice when the bugs cannot be removed well. Since it also may kill the beneficial insect, you have to be more concern about using it. It is effectively kill the potato beetles, but they killed along with other insects. So, you can follow these steps as the natural way to get rid this kind of bugs out from your garden. Since chemical is not too effective to get rid them out, you still can use the natural way even though it takes longer timer.

Do potato bugs bite? It cannot bite you actually, but it will suck inside to fruits and vegetables. It can lead some damages to your plants. Since it is the little bit difficult to kill them, make sure that you do prevention after remove them all from your garden. The adult bugs can fly for long distance, so you have to check your garden regularly. As prevention after removing them all, you can apply mulch around susceptible plants about the 1-inch layer. Then, you can also cover your plants with row or net.

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