How to Get Silverfish Out of Your Home

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As you see bugs, you probably think that it is only a little creature. However, do you know that this small animal is dangerous? Even it is not dangerous; it surely can disturb your life and family. A silverfish becomes a little bug that is mostly hated by people. Most people do several ways to make sure their homes and families free from this small creature.

These bugs get creepy-looking and own its name because of its silvery color. Their bodies look like a teardrop length about 12 to 19 mm. Most of them are nocturnal and its infestation probably unnoticed and secretive. However, you actually can see these little bugs in some areas of your house.

How to Get Silverfish Out of Your Home

How to Get Silverfish Out of Your Home
How to Get Silverfish Out of Your Home



Where does the silverfish live?


As it has been explained, silverfish are mostly nocturnal. The animal can move very fast and perhaps live in any areas. Unlike other bugs, this one can live in any environments. They can survive in any climates, yet they prefer to live in humid areas. They also like to live in the dark areas like bathrooms, basements, laundry rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. Uniquely, they are attracted to paper, wallpaper, damp clothing, and dark places like boxes in sheds. Otherwise, most homeowners found this little thing lying in bath up or on the floor.


How Dangerous a Bite of Silverfish?


Bugs are like to bite people sometimes. Even, some bed bugs are poisonous and can be harmful to us. So, if you are asking are silverfish harmful? The answer is no. They do not like to bite or even cause disease and damage to a human. They prefer to chew stuff like dry goods, paper, wallpaper, and cereal boxes. Also, once you try to chase them, they will move quickly and hide in safe places. They prefer to protect the whole day and come out at night for food-seeking. The silverfish bite is not harmful to human, but they cause damage to stuff like papers, clothing, wallpaper, and food. As those materials get bitten by this bug, it will have small holes with yellow staining.


What Makes Silverfish Appear In Your House?


Some people probably wonder what causes Silverfish appear inside their house? There are several factors why this little bug lives in your home. As it has been said, they commonly prefer to live in dark and damp places like bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, and garage. Besides, they prefer to hang in several kinds of stuff like paper, wet clothing, dry food, and others. It happens because their nymphs grow more quickly in humid and dark areas. That is why there will be a lot of silverfish as you have humid areas in your house. As you found a lot of this species inside your house, you can get rid them off with some home remedies as follows:


  1. Natural Pest

The best way to preventing bed bugs live inside your house is by doing natural pest. It is a great solution, especially when you have kids and pets. The natural pets are actually about cleaning and maintaining stuff in your house. You can start by repairing leaky faucet or pipe, upgrading ventilation, or removing uneaten food. Furthermore, you can do other following preventions like vacuuming the house, cleaning the sinks and bath-up, and sealing the detached wallpaper.

  1. Chemical Pesticides


If you get a lot of some bed bugs, using chemical pesticides can be another solution. However, this is not highly recommended. As you want to use synthetic pesticides, make sure to ask the experts first to know which product that is safely used. The common chemical pesticides that mostly used by people are boric acid, pyrethroid, and pyrethrins.

  1. Trap it

You actually can trap it alone to get this bug out of your home. You can make your insect trap from a glass jar and cover its outside with tape. Do not forget to add some bread inside it to make them attracted to come inside the pot.

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