How to Treat Mild Bed Bug Bites?

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Some bed bugs bite is very annoying, you have small bumps on your fair skin, and it is so not fashionable, you look like a sick person with contagious diseases. Those ugly bumps need to be treated ASAP, but you don’t want any chemical to spoil your body and natural way of living.Here are some ways that make the bed bugs bite go, the green ways.

Using natural herbs or some traditional way to treat bed bugs is as effective the chemical one, but you only need some more small efforts and time. The good thing is, these items are the one you can find in your kitchen.


Ways to treat Mild bed bug bites:

Ways to treat Mild bed bug bites
Ways to treat Mild bed bug bites

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  1. Lemongrass

The lemongrass, beside their nice smell, it has the best antibiotic to calm the redness of the bed bugs bite. You only need to use it by stew the lemongrass for about 5 minutes or until it is soft, then wait until it is cool down. Then put it on where you had the bites.

If you want to get rid of the bed bugs, you only need to put dry lemongrass on the bed, and under it. The smell of the lemongrass is helping you to prevent animals such as bed bugs and roaches.


  1. Durian Skin

It may be the smelliest or the most sweet-scented fruit in all fruit kingdom, depends on whom. If you like the smell durian, then it smells really good, but if not, you may even barf. But then we are not talking about the fruit, but the spiky skin. The spiky skin is a natural de-smell-izer of durian meat itself, and it has special antibiotic in it that can heal your bugs bite.  You need to put water on the inside of the durian skin, then stir it a bit, and put the stirred water on where you have the bed bugs bite.


  1. Soursop leaves

Just like how you brew the lemongrass, you do the same to soursop leaves. The different is, you need to have lots of leaves, and squeeze it, so there is not much water on it. Cool it down, and put the semi-dry leaves on the painful area.


  1. Onion juices

Mild bed bug bites are somewhat annoying, it is not hurt, but it looks bad. To cool it down the onion juice are very good to make it go away. Just blend the onion, then rub the water on the red area. Beware of stinging, because it may hurt and smell as well. Don’t the remain to cook food, because it is not hygienic.


  1. Teabag

After you have your morning tea, you can use the remains of the teabag, that is cooled down and almost dry to be put on your reddens area.


  1. Lavender Oil

Lavender is known for its calming effect out of their smell. The essence of it, the oil is good for calming your mild bed bug bites too, just rub some of the oil straight to the bitten place. It can also prevent bed bugs from coming over.


  1. Salt

It may hurt, but salt is always the natural and simplest way to heal anything. Tired back? Just have some bath with salt on it. Dysentery? Drink salt water. Bed bug bites? Put some salt on it. Bored from work? Go to the sea.

Some kitchen magics! Who knew those kinds of stuff are usable for treating bed bug bites. Get rid the capitalist chemical products, and boil some medicine for yourself. That way, it is not only cheaper, but you are also going green and saving the environment one small step each of time.

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