Wolf Spider: Facts, size, Dangerous And Pictures

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Wolf Spider: Facts, size, Dangerous And Pictures. Spiderman is one of the famous hero characters which has the spider as its icon. In real life, there are so many types of spider that can be found. One of the most muscular ones is the wolf spider. This kind of spider is known as the agile spider that moves quickly. As information, its name comes from its face that does look like a wolf.

Typically, spiders will use their web to catch prey. In contrast, this spider prefers to hunt its prey down directly using their sharp eyesight strong bodies.

All Facts about Wolf Spider

All Facts about Wolf Spider
All Facts about Wolf Spider

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Wolf spider has eight eyes divided into three rows with various size. What makes it be most amazing spider is, it can actively work all its sense together while hunting. For the color, this species has unique body color. These spiders have different color based on where they live.

They can be black, grey, brown, or even tan. However, all of them will have dark stripes marking. While these spiders want to hunt their prey, so they do camouflage. Besides, the color of their bodies also can be used as camouflage to keep them safe from some predators.

For wolf spider size, it has ranged from 6.4 millimeters to 3 centimeters long. The female spider from this species will be bigger than males. In some studies on this species already found that these spiders have amazing night vision that allows them to hunt even in dark circumstances. However, they also can be found easily at night or dark place due they shine their eyes. So, their amazing eyes would be good or bad protection for them.

Then, where do wolf spiders live? Actually, this species can live on almost every side of the world. Most of them like to live in rainforests, mountains, wetlands, deserts, and other places where they can find insects as prey. Moreover, this species can be easily found around North Carolina. This is also the reason why this species of spider is known as most diverse distributions spider.

Wolf Spider Picture

Wolf Spider Picture
Wolf Spider Picture


What makes it more amazing that these spiders include as intelligent spider since it will dig some deep burrows to catch their prey. It must be an excellent one since they can catch their prey by placing a trap door on their burrow. Then, they also use rocks, pebbles, and other natural elements to protect the hole in their burrow so they can avoid the rain.

The wolf spider is most interesting spider species. They will stay in the specific location then wait patiently to get their food supply. These spiders have the flexible abdomen that makes them can eat more foods if they have the good opportunity. On the other hand, they can also even hold back their metabolism when there are no too many

supplies. The process of hunting is also interesting. Some of them will chase down and grab the prey directly. Meanwhile, some of them also will wait then jump on prey. They will hold their prey between their legs, turn over on their backs, and trap them with their limbs so they can bite their prey after all.

As mentioned before, the most interesting part of this spider species is from their eyesight. The male spiders usually will be attracted by female spiders’ scent.

If male spiders interested, so they wave their pedipalps by banging them together or making special patterns. After that, a male and female spider will mate then female spiders will lay some dozen of eggs. The female spiders will wrap their eggs by using their silk, so there is egg sac. It must be fun to know wolf spider facts, right?

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