How to Get Rid of Wolf Spider

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How to Get Rid of Wolf Spider? Wolf spider might sound deadly from its name. Although wolf spider bites human, it will not become deadly poisonous. The wolf spider does have venom in their body, but they will not spread it when it bites you. Then, you may have not too worry when you are bitten by this spider species. The symptoms are only redness, swelling, or itchy. However, it must be a nuisance when you find a group of wolf spider at your home or office. So, you have to know how to get rid of wolf spider.


How to Get Rid of Wolf Spider Diy

How to Get Rid of Wolf Spider
How to Get Rid of Wolf Spider


There are some ways to stop wolf spider come to your place. Before that, you have to know some of wolf spiders facts. The wolf spiders will not make and live in their webs. They will catch their prey directly. They will move around by using their amazing sense system. They have good eyesight even in dark place. They will shine their eyes in the dark place, so you can easily detect them. If you find the wolf spiders in your home or office, so you have to be aware and try to get rid them off.

There are some steps for how to get rid of wolf spider that can be followed. For the first, you have to get rid of all debris and clutter. You have to clean away compost, leaves, clippings, firewood, or even mulch. Then, you can expose your yard as much as possible since wolf spiders like to hide in the dark place. Just keep away any objects that will attract the wolf spider like empty planters, grills, and stones which will provide the dark place.

Secondly, you have also removed some vegetation since wolf spider-like to hide in low vegetation the most. How to stop wolf spider infestation is you can just move shrubs, ground cover plants, and other heavy things away from building since it will provide the dark place where wolf spider like the most. If you cannot move away all of them, so you only need to move them from the perimeter so it will not attract wolf spider too much.

Then, if there is hole or crack in the outer wall so you can seal it well. You can use caulk, weather stripping, and other items to block the hole, gaps, or holes. You can also patch up the broken window or just replace all the window screens completely.

Thirdly, prevention as part of ways on how to get rid of wolf spider. So, you can install insect screen. The wolf spiders like to hide in dark place, but they can also come into your house through the vents. SO, you have to make sure that you already fix the vents, so there is no way spider, and other insects come into your home or office.

For the last, you can change your lighting. The outdoor lighting will attract moths, flies, and other insects at night. So, you have to keep the lighting off to limit the number of insects come into your home. Then, you can also jut draw shadow or blinds closed.

It will keep the indoor lighting. As the best alternative, you can also use sodium vapor lights rather than standard lighting. The sodium vapor lights have a soft yellow light that will not attract bugs and insects too much, especially wolf spider. If all the steps to stop and prevention to wolf spider are not effective, so you can use some best pesticide for wolf spiders. This last steps can be followed since it will kill the wolf spider directly. However, you still do preventions.

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